Sporting Goods

Sports equipment includes any object used for sport or exercise.

The first sports equipment can be traced all the way back to the first Olympics. The Javelin was one of the ancient Greeks favorite pieces of sports equipment because it was also a tool for war. As the centuries passed sports equipment evolved and as it did so safety increased.

The varieties of sports equipment available are nearly endless, you have baseballs, basketball, running shoes, Frisbees and even knee wraps are an important part of your sports equipment arsenal.

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The number of people with disabilities who engage in sports and other physical activities has increased dramatically in the past decade, due to the growing field of assistive sports equipment. Whether for competition or simply recreation, however, the sports equipment market is overflowing with devices to get fans off the sidelines and into the sports arena.

Sports equipment of any kind is designed with the users safety in mind, but it must be fitted and employed properly.

Sports can provide physical activity and recreation that yield psychological and physical benefits.

Swimming and other water activities are used in rehabilitation and physical therapy to promote good muscle tone, lung capacity, flexibility, and overall fitness without causing undue pressure on joints or bones.

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